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Why do we limit the number of Areas of Emphasis to 10?

This is done in an attempt to keep the list focused on our top specialties and for reasons of fairness to clients and other therapists in the directory.

There are over 70 "Areas of Emphasis" on the list and it is tempting to check all the areas we have interest and some expertise in.

Also, we are in a friendly competition with other therapists for clients. If one therapist checked 20 areas and another checked 10 (that are true areas of specialty), the one with 10 would be at a disadvantage. Also, a potential client is not as well served by this.

So we have set a limit to 10 in an attempt to focus the list. Unfortunately the system does allow you to check more than 10 (something we hope to address). So in the mean time, we will be reviewing the profiles and removing any more than 10 entries.

We hope that this explanation addresses the "Why".

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